Month 1- Livestreaming


I am starting this off a bit late, I tried to do podcasting this month, but I had a better idea for a podcast so I am holding off on that until a bit further down the road. I am switching to livestreaming, and i know that the month is halfway over but I’d rather not wait any longer, so I’m just going to do this every day for the rest of May! So until the end of May, I  have decided am going to be livestreaming each day.

I am using Periscope because it is connected to twitter and it is easy to access. You can access it easily right here!

Last night was day one, I livestreamed for an hour while I doodled. I thought it was interesting to watch the stream of viewers coming and going. I found that when I started a stream called “Tell me what to draw”, it generated more views than the one called “Late night drawing”. People like to be involved in the actions of others, they don’t want to just sit idly by, and I think that this is very obvious on this platform.

I encountered a weird online person who kept asking me my name, people who said they would give me money (but never delivered), and some cool people who for some unknown reason, stayed until the end of the stream!

I’ll be back at it at some point today, you can check out my Twitter for updates!

Catch you later!



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