Trapdoor Spiders

I am gathering information to write a podcast about spiders, but first I need to learn things and consolidate my knowledge, so I am posting that knowledge here. This post will be updated continuously until I feel like I have enough information. I will date all updates. Once this knowledge is compiled and turned into a podcast, I will embed it here. 


Folding Trapdoor Spiders

The first family of spiders I will be looking at is Family Antrodiaetidae. This is the family of the folding trapdoor spiders. These spiders live in burrows in the ground and spin awesome trap-door webs on the top of their holes! When their prey goes by their burrow, they come out like a little flash of spider lightning and grab them down into the depths of their burrows. The thing about the folding trapdoor spiders that makes them different from your regular run-of-the-mill trapdoor spiders is that their trapdoors fold down the middle. There are several different types of folding trapdoor spiders, which I will be going into more detail about them later on, so stay tuned. 😉


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